Award winning person-centred programme: Fit for Life


The Fit for Life programme was designed to help bridge the gap between NHS mental health services and main-stream community exercise groups with the aim of: increasing physical activity levels, reducing risk of falls and maintaining/improving mental health and well-being for older people with mental health conditions. The programme has evolved in the last four […]

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Community Links Project Update, Midlothian

Examples of Practice

The Community Links Project’s aim is to provide support for isolated older people, aged over 65 years, living in the Midlothian area to enable them to stay connected to their local community and maintain and build on existing social networks and opportunities.

The full Community Links Project, Midlothian Example of Practice (Update) is available here  It is an update of the original Example of Practice published in 2013, which can be accessed here

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Connecting for Improvement


A two day event by ‘Improving Care for Older People in Acute Care’ and ‘Focus on Dementia’ programmes, to demonstrate high quality integrated support and care for older people and people with dementia. We will look at what’s working well and plan how good ideas could be adapted and applied locally.

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