Self Directed Support and Commissioning Introduction

Legislation on Self Directed Support and integration have the potential to create both new opportunities and challenges for everyone involved in commissioning and procurement. There is the potential for people and carers to move from being recipients of services and support, to ‘individual commissioners’ who tailor the support they require.

Self Directed Support provides 4 basic options depending on how much control a person wants to have over the care they receive. A person is awarded an individual budget and may:

  1. Take a Direct Payment (cash) and use it to purchase care and support
  2. Allocate the money to a provider of their choosing (sometimes called an individual service fund, where the council or funder, holds the budget, but the person is in charge of how it is spent)
  3. Ask the council to arrange a service
  4. A combination from any of the above

Changing patterns of using these options will affect the roles and remits of all involved:

  1. People using services
  2. Carers
  3. Providers
  4. Integrated Health and Social Care Partners
  5. Regulatory bodies