Equipment and adaptations

Helping improve equipment and adaptations services 

The Scottish Government issued Guidance on the Provision of Equipment and Adaptations to local authorities and NHS Boards in 2009. The guidance aims to help local authorities and the NHS modernise their equipment and adaptations services. It encourages partnerships to:

• Place the user and carer at the centre of provision
• Ensure a consistent approach to assessment, and provision of services, including equipment and adaptations
• Ensure accurate and accessible information on equipment and adaptations is available to all service users and their carers.

SNAEP Training Pack 
The Scottish Government’s guidance on the Provision of Equipment and Adaptations also promoted the need for a standardised training approach in assessment and provision of equipment, which is now available as a training pack. Click here for more details.

To offer additional support and guidance, JIT have developed a range of good practice guides, toolkits and information to assist local partnerships to develop and improve their local equipment and adaptations services. All of these are available on the Scottish Government’s website at 

Along with practical support from JIT advisors, the aim is to encourage Partnerships to improve all aspects of Equipment and Adaptations service provision, including:

• Partnership accountability and governance arrangements
• Financial arrangements
• Outcomes for service users and their carers
• Service pathways, and widening of professional roles
• Integrated Store services including: procurement, recycling, Health and safety, logistics, IT systems….

If you would like more information on the practical support that can be offered please contact us 

Financial Benefits to Health and Social Care Partnerships 

Equipment and adaptations can help local authorities and NHS Boards make significant savings as they are often provided in place of more costly forms of care like home care, or admission to a care home. A paper The Effectiveness and Value of Equipment and Adaptations(published September 2010) explores this issue further.

Local authorities and their NHS partners can also make significant savings by recycling community equipment for use by other clients in their area. We have also published a paper Effective Recycling of Community Equipment which provides further details of savings that can be achieved through issuing recycled equipment, not new.


The following publications are available to download from the Scottish Government’s website:
• Guidance on the provision of equipment and adaptations 
• A professionals guide to funding major adaptations
• Adaptations funding guide for homeowners
• Adaptations funding guide for local authority tenants
• Adaptations funding guide for private tenants
• Adaptations funding guide for Housing Association tenants
• Equipment good practice guide
• Equipment Self Evaluation tool
• Adaptations good practice guide
• Adaptations Self Evaluation tool
• The effectiveness and value of equipment and adaptations
• Effective recycling of community equipment and adaptations
• Protocol for the provision of equipment to care homes
• A guide for providing information to service users
• Example service user leaflet