Reshaping Care for Older People


Older people are an asset to this country, and preparing for an increasingly ageing population is one of our biggest national challenges. Recent demographic projections suggest that if current trends continue we can expect that by 2033 the number of people who are over 60 will increase by 50% ; this is a good thing and reflects improved standards of living, public health activity and the success of health improvement initiatives. It also means, however, that our models of health and social care services in their current form will not be fit to meet the demographic challenge, and coupled with well-documented financial constraints, means that ‘doing nothing’ is not an option.

Going Forward

One of the Scottish Government’s key policies is Reshaping Care for Older People, which is aimed at improving services for older people by shifting care towards anticipatory care and prevention. For the 2012-13 financial year, the Scottish Government allocated an £80 million Change Fund to effect this. (Key Bills relating to this are Self-directed Support and Integration of Adult Health and Social Care)

What We Do

The JIT supports the implementation of this key policy, and the Reshaping Care programme and its associated Change Fund is one of the JIT’s key action areas. JIT supports Health and Social Care Partnerships to use their Change Fund to plan and implement sustainable services, and deliver better outcomes.

Improvement Network

The Improvement Network is a multi-agency collaboration of improvement organisations, formed by the JIT to increase the pace of change in Reshaping Care and Health and Social Care Integration. Click here for more details.

Improvement Measures

Success in Reshaping Care and Integration is evidenced through an agreed set of measures. Click here for more details.

Change Fund Plans

The JIT works directly with Partnerships in preparing local Change Plans that are required in order to access the Change Fund. Click here for more details.

Click here for our Change Fund Library of Resources.

Community Capacity Building

Community capacity building is focused on working directly with people in their own communities so that they can become more confident and effective in addressing community needs and issues and building on the strengths that the community already has. Click here for more details.

Reshaping Care Pathway

The Reshaping Care Pathway illustrates 4 ‘pillars’ or ‘bundles’ of interventions and approaches and the associated enablers that contribute to Reshaping Care. Implemented systematically, these will collectively improve outcomes for older people.

Click on the link below to download the diagram:

Reshaping Care Pathway diagram [98Kb]

Partnerships are asked to report how they are using their Change Fund to invest in these interventions over the period of the Change Fund 2011-2015. This is designed to help Partnerships track a shift towards greater investment in preventative and anticipatory care and proactive care and support at home.

It takes time for a Partnership to implement these complex and interdependent improvements at sufficient scale to demonstrate impact on outcomes for older people through the Reshaping Care core measures. During this time it is important to measure both spread and impact of the interventions, and to understand where future gains can be anticipated, as you begin to exploit the synergy between related interventions - in systems improvement the whole is generally greater than the sum of the parts.

We have developed a simple self-assessment tool to help you understand how far you have spread the Reshaping Care Pathway interventions and to identify where you may focus future improvement activity.

Click on the link below to download the tool:

Reshaping Care Self-assessment tool [265Kb]

Resources to Support Partnerships in Reshaping Care for Older People

We have a range of resources to support Partnerships in Reshaping Care for Older People. These include:

Network Bulletins

WebEx Meetings