Change Fund Library of Resources

The purpose of this resource is to provide overarching guidance and direction for those in charge of change fund implementation and who desire a better grounding in the subject areas below.

This library of resources is still in an early stage and we will be updating this list and adding new subject areas on an ongoing basis so please check back regularly.


FAQs [398Kb]
Impact of Anticipatory Care Plans [234Kb]

Care Management

Boundaries of roles and responsibilities in housing with care schemes
Proactive, Integrated Care Management [592Kb]


Supporting Carers [335Kb]
Survey of Experience of Older Carers [698Kb]
Carers and Safeguarding Adults [142Kb]
Caring Together - The Carer's Strategy [1Mb]
Getting It Right for Young Carers [1Mb]
Impact of Caring on Health [294Kb]


Analysis of LA Preparedness for Hlth Commissining [1Mb]
Developing Commissioning Strategies [168Kb]
Option Appraisal Template [601Kb]

Delayed Discharge

Evaluation Framework [701Kb]
DD Evaluation Framework - Short [431Kb]
Evaluation Framework - Long [701Kb]
Scottish Government DD Materials


Dementia Strategy [1Mb]
Evidence Base for Dementia Strategy [114Kb]

Equipment and Adaptations

Effective Recycling of Community Equipment [249Kb]
Guidance on the Provision of Equipment and Adaptations

Good Practice Guide for the Provision of Community Equipment Services

Effectiveness and Value of Equipment and Adaptations

Funding Guides for Major Housing Adaptations

Further Publications

Falls and Fractures

Guidance and Evidence

Unscheduled Care [154Kb]
Unscheduled Care Task and Finish Group [1Mb]
JRF Better Life Programme [194Kb]
Falls and Visual Impairment [274Kb]
Effective Interventions in Health and Social Care [397Kb]
Exercise Training to Prevent Falls [162Kb]
Local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment [189Kb]
Up and About Report [1003Kb]

Case Studies

Falkirk Falls Management Project Update
Since 2002, Falkirk hosted a Falls Management project involving elements of collaboration between colleagues in Health and Social Work Services which aims to reduce falls amongst older people. A report detailing the current status of the project is below.

Falkirk Falls Management Project Update [67Kb]
Edinburgh Falls Case Study
This case study from Edinburgh details the response for a fallen, uninjured person.

Managing Fallen Uninjured Person Case Study [133Kb]

General Guidance

The Challenge of Managing Change [130Kb]
Creating Efficiencies in the Acute Care Pathway [62Kb]
Personalisation, Productivity, Efficiency [289Kb]
Improvement Support Checklist [184Kb]
Change Fund Readiness Model [116Kb]
Engaging with Scotland's Interfaces [320Kb]
Reshaping Care and the Scot Assoc of Comm Hosptls [66Kb]
Patient Choice and Prevention of Emergency Admssns [4Mb]
Routes for Health and Social Care [239Kb]

Homecare Re-ablement

SPRU - PSSRU Re-ablement Report [2Mb]
Homecare Reablement [2Mb]
Step-by-Step Guide [103Kb]


Responsibilities in Housing with Care Schemes [96Kb]
Extra in Extra Care Housing [3Mb]
Housing Briefing and Question Set [44Kb]
Costs and Benefits of Housing Support Services

Long Term Conditions (General)

Complex Care Resource [238Kb]
Food for Thought [1Mb]
Improving Self-Management Support [427Kb]
LTC Condition Pathways [707Kb]
Impact of Caring on Health [294Kb]
Enabling Health and Wellbeing in Later Life [564Kb]
Appendix 1 [85Kb]
Appendix 2 [336Kb]
Appendix 3 [296Kb]

Palliative and End of Life Care

End of Life Care [117Kb]

Reshaping Care (General)

Information Booklet [288Kb]
SBC Improvement Framework - July 2009 [274Kb]
A Life Worth Living Summary [414Kb]
A Life Worth Living Full [912Kb]

Risk Prediction

SPARRA Made Easy [1Mb]

Self-Directed Support

A Review of the Barriers and Facilitators
Sustaining Person-Centred Support [128Kb]


LTCC Sustainability Guide [857Kb]

Talking Points

Key Messages [60Kb]
Philosophy and Principles [120Kb]
Support Pack [120Kb]
Edinburgh Outcomes Guidance for Day Services [134Kb]
Edinburgh Outcomes Guidance for Managers [290Kb]
Edinburgh Outcomes Guidance for Users [2Mb]


Implementation Guide [3Mb]


Group Recommendations [27Kb]