The Parable of Blobs and Squares – What is co-production?


Many people aspire to working in true partnership with people in the local community; however translating these aspirations to reality can often prove challenging, becuase it’s not the traditonal way things have been done. If you haven’t already seen it, this lovely animation from Foolhardy Films outlines the need to respect everyone’s contribution when working in partnership

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Community Engagement Team

Examples of Practice

The establishment of the Community Engagement Team supports the need to develop new models to support service delivery and community engagement to rural and remote-rural areas and proposed to test ideas that:

  • Older people could contribute to providing community-based services for other older people.
  • Older people could be maintained living in their own homes and communities for as long as possible if communities developed the capacity to provide basic services in ‘co-production’ with statutory public service providers.
  • Social organisations of various types established in and by communities, could be sustainable and could provide ‘value-added’ benefits (social participation, health, community involvement etc.).
  • Communities could be supported to engage in meaningful and sustainable dialogue with key statutory public service providers to ensure transparency and co-production.

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