New Falls Prevention & Management Tools


A Scottish conference on Falls Prevention was brought to a standstill today (Wednesday 30 September) when a group of older people performed a flash mob dance to 80s Banarama pop hit “It Ain’t What You Do (Its The Way That You Do It)”. The group, from one of North Lanarkshire Leisure’s Strength and Balance Exercise […]

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A Compilation of Good Practices – Integrated Care


European Innovation Partnership on Active Healthy Ageing A Compilation of Good Practices – Integrated Care for Chronic Diseases (2nd edition) This compilation is the product of the collaborative work of the members of the B3 Integrated Care Action Group. In this collective effort, the experts of the Action Group have been pooling their knowledge and […]

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Intermediate Care – Fife

Examples of Practice

The aim of establishing ICASS in Fife was to transform community services by bringing together uni-disciplinary teams to utilise fully resources available in line with demand, and to coordinate care through a single point of access (SPOA). It contributes to our commitment to ensure the closer integration of the range of community services under one system.

It aims to improve quality of care and outcomes for older people whilst allowing them to remain independent within their own homes or communities, provides alternatives to hospital admission, reduces the number requiring long term institutional care, reduces length of stay for those who require a hospital admission.  It aims to address the following:

  • Moving from an inpatient model of care to a robust community based model of care involving older people and their carers and families in care planning
  • Bringing together teams to make more efficient use of resources to meet the needs/demands of the increasingly elderly population
  • To provide a single point of access
  • To provide alternatives to hospital admission
  • To reduce length of stay if an admission is necessary
  • To provide assessment and care in the person’s own home or a homely setting
  • To achieve and sustain maximum potential and independence; and
  • To reduce numbers going into long term institutional care.

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