Aberdeen Golden Games

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The Golden Games in Aberdeen City won the 2013 UK Award for Health & Wellbeing at the Association of Public Service Excellence.

The Golden Games tackled attitudes about what older people can still actively participate in, linked participants into ways to continue activities sustainably and at little or no cost.  In particular the Games included teams of participants from nursing homes, to underline that, in principle, nobody was too old/too frail to participate.   Some participants were carers who received indirect support from participation.

What you did?

The Golden Games are a key part of the Aberdeen Partnership’s commitment to reshaping care for older people and, in particular, active ageing.  In 2013, 23 separate events were held over 3 days and seven venues. Over 350 bookings were made for these events, via our partners Sport Aberdeen.

A Multi-Agency Steering Group has been in place to develop Golden Games each year. In the last 2 years, we have used approximately £6000 p.a. Change Fund to support costs.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Many more older people are now regularly taking part in Active Ageing opportunities, such as Table Tennis or Ten Pin Bowling.  These are wholly sustainable and incur no public sector costs on an ongoing basis.

Contacts - to find out more

Julie Somers, Aberdeen City Council, jsomers@aberdeencity.gov.uk  01224 523122

Additional contact to find out more:

Stephen Gammack, Sport Aberdeen.  Tel 0845 608 0935