Aberdeenshire Signposting Project (Update)

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The Aberdeenshire Signposting Project works by linking people to local organisations, services, clubs and societies in their community that address issues in a person’s life.  ASP has a specific focus on improving quality of life and promoting positive mental health, with a spin-off aim being to prevent the poor health and wellbeing that can otherwise result.  ASP was seeing clients time and time again whose problem was essentially one of loneliness and isolation but who wanted simple companionship rather than anything more complex.

The full Aberdeenshire Signposting Project Example of Practice (Update) is available here. It is an update of the original Example of Practice published in 2013, which can be accessed here

What you did?

ASP provides a link between referrers, clients and necessary services, ensuring that there is a holistic approach to improvement in health and wellbeing. Where statutory services, third sector agencies and community organisations can work in tandem to put in place solutions which work for the client and support the likelihood of clients staying independent, connected and engaged.

ASP highlights projects and services which are perhaps not widely known, advertised and promoted.

ASP works extensively with each client and their referrer, often their families or carers also.  Every client is treated as an individual with their own needs, wants and abilities.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Random surveys of clients are used to gauge the change in mood and wellbeing after working with ASP.  The most recent survey resulted in the following feedback and evaluation results:

Warwick Edinburgh- random survey July 2014:

  • Average score pre Signposting referral – 35 (lowest 14, highest 53)
  • Average score post Signposting referral – 45 (lowest 16, highest 70)
  • Average rise in WE scores – 29%
  • Lowest recorded increase – 15%
  • Highest recorded increase – 32%

Client quote: “[I] just wanted to tell you that I am ever so thankful to you… THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!”

The full Aberdeenshire Signposting Project Example of Practice (Update) is available here

Contacts - to find out more

Karen Nicoll, Project Coordinator


01467 793284/ 07926 185195