Assistive Technology Engineer

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Prior to telecare being incorporated into the community alarm service, the post holders carried out maintenance, repairs and battery management for the former Grampian Region.  As telecare was developing each area established their own methods of working and this enabled Aberdeen City to utilise the post holders for the telecare service.  Their wealth of knowledge and expertise allowed the service to develop rapidly, once the decision had been taken to incorporate with community alarm.

What you did?

The posts were re-graded to Engineer level in recognition of their expertise.  They took the lead role in installing, assessing and raising awareness around telecare.  Their workload increased so much, that technicians were appointed through change fund bid to support this role and free the engineers up to carry out more complex assessments and installations.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Through the engineers expertise they were able in over 60% of referrals to provide a better solution than was originally proposed by referrer.  Having the engineer’s onsite ensures a rapid response to breakdowns/repairs and provides support to referrers who are looking for advice.  They are able to develop bespoke solutions for individuals which cannot be met from standard stock, in a very cost effective way.  Financial savings have been significant eg the saving on faults for a month averages £5,500.  Engineers have developed bespoke solutions to meet a persons needs at a fraction of the cost of alternative more costly solutions.

Contacts - to find out more

Liz Watt, Bon Accord Care, Tel 01224717640

Susan McIntosh, Bon Accord Care, Tel 01224788616