Care and Repair Extra – Public Social Partnership

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Introduction of the national agenda has recognised that there is a need to shift the focus of services for older people away from ‘bed based’ care towards preventative services.

The outcome of the review highlighted that there are gaps in service provision in the current North Ayrshire Care and Repair Service.

North Ayrshire Council wants to ensure that residents have access to a fair and equitable Service which can significantly reduce the incidence of falls and optimise the independence and wellbeing of older people and support them to remain safely at home or in a homely setting.

This Service will support the national agenda to shift the balance of care and prevention as well as delivering improved outcomes to residents in North Ayrshire.

What you did?

A Steering Group was formed in May 2013 consisting of NAC Housing Services, NAC Community Care, NAC Service Development, key members of staff from Cunninghame Housing Association.  CEIS and KPMG are two Organisations who are guiding the Group on developing the PSP model.

The Group continue to meet monthly to develop this new Service and proposed implementation for the Small Repairs/Handyperson and Gardening Service is March 2014.

£80,000 has been committed from the Change Fund to develop this PSP Model which will be utilised for initial set up costs including purchase of vehicles and initial employee costs in order to establish a Small Repairs/Handyperson and Gardening Service.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

2011 – NAC commissioned Craigforth to review Care and Repair Services provided across North Ayrshire.

2012 – CHA commissioned CEIS to conduct a feasibility report to explore the possibility of creating a new social enterprise.

2013 – NAC considered outputs from both consultation reports and thereafter it was agreed that potential existed to reshape the current Care and Repair Service.

2013 – Steering group was formed consisting of key staff from NAC, CHA and CEIS.

The Care and Repair Extra Service will be launched in March 2014.  As the Project is still to be finalised there are no tangible outcomes at the moment.  The outcomes and benefits will be monitored and reported on as the Service develops.

The Partnership hopes to attain the following outcomes in terms of older people:-

  1. Independent Living: To assist people to live independently in their own homes, safely and for longer.
  2. Financial Sustainability: To ensure the cost of provision is financially sustainable.
  3. Reduce Admissions: To reduce hospital and care home admissions and delays in hospital discharges.
  4. Social isolation: To increase social inclusion for isolated individuals.
  5. Health & Wellbeing: To promote the health and wellbeing of North Ayrshire residents.
  6. Value-add provision: To deliver additional social, environmental and economic benefits to North Ayrshire communities, over and above the core benefits provided by Care and Repair Extra Services.
  7. Partnership Working: Increased partnership working between agencies in North Ayrshire.

Contacts - to find out more

Alex Adrain, Interim Head of Housing,  01294 324641