Carer Pathway Liaison

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Avoiding unnecessary admissions to hospital and reducing delayed discharge through supporting carers in their caring role

What you did?

The Carer Pathway Liaison Worker’s post is there to develop and maintain a clear carer pathway within health and social care. This includes a pathway for staff to refer carers to the centre.  The aim is to educate staff so they can identify more carers of older people and refer them to the centre for support, thus enabling them to continue in their caring role. The post involves developing partnership working with health and social care staff and delivering training to these teams to increase their carer awareness.

Educating health and social care staff on the importance of their role in the identification of carers and referral processes; jointly identifying and addressing training needs for carers with RES & DN staff and care at home staff;  2 half days spent weekly within the 2 RES teams- informing staff of the centre services and encouraging them to identify carers; shadowing RES staff on home visits was undertaken in the early months; going on joint home visits with staff where requested; encouraging staff to distribute and ideally support carers to complete carer self- assessments and the full Carers Assessment; jointly facilitating the Carers Champion group; initial links with the discharge team at the RAH; establishing links with social work locality teams, learning disability, and sensory impairment teams- had initial contact with team leaders.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Health and social care staff are becoming more carer aware; strengthening partnership working between the centre and health and social care teams; new Carers of older people are being identified by staff and referred on for support; 52 new referrals to the carers centre from work with health and social care staff; new training courses being designed for carers; new support groups established for carers; as the post is developing, staff are requesting joint visits to families with the Carers Worker .

Contacts - to find out more

Diane Goodman,   Manager Renfrewshire Carers Centre ,           0141 887 3643