Edinburgh Joint Carers’ Strategy

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian worked collaboratively with carer organisations and carers themselves to redefine their strategic approach to commissioning support services for carers. The development of its three years Joint Carers Strategy for 2014-2017 involved using logic modelling to create a focus for consultation with carers on priorities and support required.

What you did?

It was agreed to use a tried and tested tool for developing an overarching strategic framework which would set out key outcomes to be achieved by the strategy. The tool chosen was The Wisconsin Logic Model (University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension).

The logic model was developed by members of the working group over a series of facilitated meetings.  From these discussions the members of the working group identified 6 priority areas for carers in Edinburgh for the next three years

To gather feedback from carers themselves a set of questions for each priority area was identified. A questionnaire (including an on-line version) and a series of consultation events were used.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

A vision of how the Joint Carers’ strategy might improve the lot of adult carers was agreed; it was also agreed to link the strategy for adult carers with young carers.

Outcomes from use of the tool were very positive:

  • Encouraged participation by carers and service users, and is a visual and simplified way of getting information across.
  • As a reference for commissioning carer support.
  • Feedback from carers confirmed the priority areas were where support was needed.
  • Positive feedback from how the logic model had supported the development of the draft strategy from carer members and carer representatives on the working group.
  • “Personally, I like the ‘outcomes-focus’ approach, and in this case it enabled speedy progress. By concentrating on the model stages avoided us getting stuck in the past.” Carer
  • Service planners also found the tool useful.

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Contacts - to find out more

Gordon Dodds, Planning & Commissioning Officer (Carers), The City of Edinburgh Council, gordon.dodds@edinburgh.gov.uk 0131-553-8347