Embedding Personal Outcomes in Practice

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Embedding Personal Outcomes workshops using the sound slides from Sliding Doors that were developed by SSSC and NES.  The sessions used real life actors from Strange Theatre using the scripts that were written by Forum Interactive for SSSC and NES.  The main objective of the workshops has been to give staff time and space to consider the effect of their actions at ‘turning points’ in peoples’ lives and to consider how they may step back and avoid ‘fixing’ and really listen to the outcomes that individuals want to achieve.

What you did?

Midlothian Council has been running Embedding Personal Outcomes workshops since the end of January 2013. The workshops have been offered to staff across the Local Authority, Health and the voluntary and independent sectors.  As at September 2013 five workshops have been held for managers and senior staff with 96 attendees. Subsequently there have been twelve workshops for frontline staff with 322 attendees.

The sessions were followed with the introduction of a new assessment tool that is based on the assessment conversation and uses a Talking Points approach.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

At the end of each workshop each participant is asked to record 2 – 3 things that they will do differently in practice tomorrow and directed that this record be taken to their next supervision session.  It is anticipated that transferring learning into practice in this way will begin to embed an outcomes approach.  Indeed if each of the 381 people who have attended does one thing differently small steps in the right direction will have been taken by all personnel in all sectors across Midlothian.

Contacts - to find out more

The workshops were facilitated by Thistle Foundation, Gordon Dunbar and Elaine Kwiatek. Further information can be obtained by contacting: