Establishment of Care Governance Sub-Committee

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

  • Development of Care Governance structures
  • Monitoring quality and driving improvement
  • Developing accountability across partnership delivery

What you did?

  • Establishment of Care Governance arrangements early in our partnership journey.
  • Formal establishment of East Renfrewshire CHCP as integrated concurrent partnership in 2006/07.
  • Care Governance arrangements discussed in ‘shadow’ period and established in first year.
  • Care governance committee established as a formal sub-committee of the CHCP Committee – August 2006. Terms of reference of the Care Governance Committee:
    • To oversee the development of the Care Governance Strategy
    • To ensure that clear strategic objectives for care governance are supported by an Action Plan with identified action owners
    • To ensure that appropriate linkages are established across key partner agencies in relation to the provision of care for East Renfrewshire residents
    • To put in place mechanisms for monitoring the quality of care
    • To provide regular reports to the CHCP Committee, Management Team, Professional Executive Group and others as appropriate
    • To produce a Care Governance Annual Report
    • To ensure that national guidance is appropriately implemented
    • To support arrangements for practice fora, incident investigation, review and organisational learning

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

  • Representative nature of Care Governance Sub-Committee.
  • Strong linkages to critical areas – Clinical Governance Forum, Adult Support and Protection Committee, Child Protection Committee, Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements.
  • Specific policy role in endorsing new partnership policies.
  • Quality and improvement central feature of terms of reference of Care Governance Sub-Committee.
  • Established service effectiveness programme set out in the Care Governance workplan.
  • Progress against workplan and key findings reported regularly to Sub-Committee and via CG Newsletter.  June 2013 newsletter click here  Winter 2013/14 newsletter click here


Contacts - to find out more

Kim Campbell, Primary Care Development Manager,