My Home Life

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Development of leadership and management skills for care home managers.

What you did?

A Change Fund bid for 30 care home managers pan City of Edinburgh to participate in the My Home Life leadership support and community development was successful.  M.H.L. course will last for fourteen months and Talking Points personal outcomes are being threaded through the programme.  Some expected outcomes from this course, are:

  • developing managers into leaders
  • promoting best and innovative practice through appreciative support and transformative action
  • care homes responsive and ready to meet future need
  • improved quality of life for older people those living, dying,  working in and visiting care homes
  • a perceived reduction in management burnout
  • Care Home Community strands being established.

Written information, regarding the opportunity to participate in MHL was disseminated, in tandem this subject was raised via the Providers’ forum.  Each manager was met with individually and given further relevant information.  Having ascertained the numbers of people wishing to participate, a Change Fund bid was submitted.   At this point also it was suggested that it would be an ideal opportunity to reinforce the Talking Points personal outcomes approach. This was agreed by the course leader Prof Belinda Dewar, and facilitators with experience in Talking Points were recruited to lead/facilitate the MHL workshops.  The programme commenced 15th May 2013 and will run for 14 months.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The programme has been very positively received by all those involved although to date only anecdotal evidence from Professor Dewar, course facilitators is available.  There has been excellent attendance.  All the participants have said how positive and helpful in their role as managers the MHL programme is. 

People are already making changes in their practice particularly in the way they engage with staff, families and residents.  People are becoming more mindful of how powerful language can be eg, protected mealtimes > supported mealtimes  – ‘protected’ implies ‘keeping out’, supported implies caring.  People felt:

  • Able to question without being judged
  • Realisation that they don’t have to be a fixer of all problems
  • Great networking
  • Space to reflect and really consider our practice
  • Safe place to be challenged

Contacts - to find out more

Rene Rigby,   07568335448