Homecare Overnight Service

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The complexity of people with care needs has increased over recent years.  The service means that people with high level needs can be supported at home with care delivered overnight.  Previously this was only possible in a residential or hospital setting.  Prior to the investment from the Change Fund there were two Overnight teams.  The investment from the Change Fund allowed another three teams to be established.  This has allowed people to move home from hospital, or remain at home, whereas previously a move away from home would be the only feasible outcome for meeting their needs.  In some cases the requirement for care overnight was the only stumbling block to meaning someone could be cared for in their own home.

What you did?

An element of risk was attached to expanding the service as there was little knowledge about unmet need.  The feeling with senior managers was that requests for overnight care were not being made because the service was so limited in capacity.  Previous experience was that when the second team was established the new capacity was filled very quickly. It was anticipated that as capacity became available, the type of care provision would change and more people would be able to stay at home.  As expected, once established, capacity within the new teams was allocated quickly.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

As mentioned above, once established the capacity in the teams was quickly used.  This implies that more people were able to be supported at home than would previously have been the case.  If the service had not been in place then there would have been no alternative to meet the care needs of people receiving the service other than to be admitted to hospital (in the short-term) or a care home (in the long-term).

Contacts - to find out more

Andy Shanks, Andy.shanks@edinburgh.gov.uk  0131 553 8440

Additional contact: Philip Brown, Evaluation Lead Philip.brown@edinburgh.gov.uk