IDEAS Team (Interventions for Dementia, Education, Assessment and Support)

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Better care of individuals who have challenging behaviour due to their dementia by supporting staff to be able to support the individual and not use sedatives to do this.

What you did?

Work is ongoing between NHS staff and Third and Independent Sector staff to design and deliver training that is patient centred and transformational in terms of the care and support available.

The IDEAS team is a multidisciplinary service which provides specialist dementia education, training and support to Care Home Staff. The main aims are to introduce dementia and its many causes, improve understanding of the common symptoms of dementia, and showcase the value and practice of person-centred care. This is to support care staff to manage challenging behaviour and reduce the dependency on anti psychotic drugs.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The vast majority of delegates rated the overall quality of the training as Excellent,

The test of change will measure the following and will report in 2015:

  • Observational assessment of quality of life of residents with dementia in a care setting
  • Comparative analysis of impact of training on admission rates currently collated routinely
  • Comparative analysis of number of care home residents being prescribed anti-psychotics and benzodiazipines
  • To evaluate the impact of education and training on existing care inspectorate outcome measures
  • To access the views of family members on the quality of care their relative receives pre and post intervention (e.g. reactive intervention and/or proactive
  • To evaluate level of distress of caregivers pre and post community based pilot
  • To evaluate impact of assessment driven evaluations following individual interventions using single n design

Contacts - to find out more

Linda McKechnie, 01387 244048,