Independent Sector Engagement – My Home Life

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Informal engagement with local providers has highlighted an opportunity to support training and development needs, in particular development of leadership and management skills for 9 care home managers and also 3 managers of extra care housing through the My Home Life programme.

What you did?

  • The Independent Sector Engagement Officer firstly discussed the My Home Life (MHL) opportunity with providers individually and then via the Care Home Providers Forum.
  • After receiving positive feed back to wishing to engage in such a development opportunity, written information was disseminated and once approximate numbers of interested parties were obtained a Change Fund bid was submitted to the East Renfrewshire RCOP Partnership.
  • At this juncture our Change Fund group suggested that the extra care housing managers should also be offered this opportunity.  At this point also it was suggested that it would be an ideal opportunity to reinforce the Talking Points personal outcomes approach.
  • This was agreed by the course leader Belinda Dewar, and a facilitator, with experience in Talking Points was recruited to lead the MHL workshops. The programme commenced Aug 13 and will run for 14 months.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

  • Although very early days the programme has been very positively received by all those involved although to date only anecdotal evidence is available, all the participants have said  how positive and helpful in their role as managers this has been. 
  • It is envisaged that over the course of the programme, which involves action learning sets, that all of the participants will see real practical benefits in practice individually as well as experiencing a positive collective experience.

Contacts - to find out more

Nanette Paterson, Independent Sector Development Officer,  0774741918