Independent Sector Engagement – Glasgow

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The principles behind Reshaping Care emphasise the need for effective partnership working across all sectors involved in supporting older people.  The independent sector is a major provider of health and social care services across Scotland.  The appointment of a Development Officer was intended to achieve the following aims:

  • Ensure the sector were fully informed, engaged with, and represented in relation to the Reshaping Care agenda.
  • Identify and encourage relevant workforce development opportunities for the sector which will support the principles of continuous change and improvement.
  • Promote key Reshaping Care themes amongst the sector and their role in contributing towards these e.g. falls prevention, infection control, end of life care, dementia, medications, anticipatory and preventative care

What you did?

Two part time Development Officer posts have been appointed and are being managed through Scottish Care.  They have been involved in actively improving communications and engagement with independent sector providers across the city.  They have also ensured that the sector is represented in all Reshaping Care structures and processes, and have contributed to the work of the Partnership in various ways, including for example, the development of the Joint Strategic Commissioning Plan, and the organisation of the engagement events held in relation to it.

Engagement with the independent sector ascertained that care home managers would welcome the opportunity to take part in the ‘My Home Life’ programme.  This offers a package of leadership, practice, and community development, designed to improve the quality of life for residents in care homes in Scotland.  This is being pursued through offering support on agreed development priorities e.g. personalisation; providing opportunities to share and discuss good practice; and facilitating relationships between care homes, the wider community, and the local health and social care systems.  This has been supported by the Change Fund and includes local authority, third sector, and independent sector care home managers.  Two cohorts have been supported, with the programme running from April 2013 to June 2014.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Communication and engagement with the sector has improved, supported by the work being done through the ‘My Home Life’ programme.  During the consultation on Glasgow’s Joint Strategic Commissioning Plan, care home managers were given literature on the Plan to utilise in their care homes.  Some held residents, relatives and/or staff meetings, explaining what the Plan was about, and seeking feedback upon it.  In addition to written responses, some managers also attended the engagement events on the Plan, allowing them to provide feedback directly.

The ‘My Home Life’ programme is running well and participants have already begun to form a community of practice, sharing learning with each other.  No qualitative data is yet available, however anecdotal evidence from the managers indicates that they are finding it extremely helpful, with many confirming that they are already changing practices within their care homes as a result.  Links across sectors have improved as a result of this programme, as it has provided an opportunity for managers from independent, third sector, and local authority care homes, to work with each other, leading to a greater understanding and acceptance of each others roles.

Contacts - to find out more

Nanette Paterson, Independent Sector Development Officer,   07764 741918