Independent Sector Workforce Development

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Maintaining consistent quality of provision across the independent sector is a challenge, and reduced quality and Care Inspectorate ratings has resulted in reduced places available and contributed to delays in discharge from hospital.  This project will support the sector to achieve greater consistency in service quality through developing a Workforce Development Framework with agreed core development standards which align with national standards. Freeing up staff for training is also an issue.

What you did?

Working with local providers to develop an agreed core workforce development programme that can act as a ‘care passport’ providing a consistent skills base at “foundation” and “leadership” levels, informed by behaviours from the Continuous Learning Framework.  In consultation with other sectors to ensure ‘fit’.  Scoping work has also been undertaken as to local delivery options for the Framework.  There has been a successful 6 month pilot of Learn Pro that included independent sector providers across care at home and care home services, and third sector organisations.  It is planned to use LearnPro e-learning platform, both to deliver learning across different sectors and to record and evaluate learning outcomes to improve service delivery.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Early successful outcomes from workforce development planning include collaboration and engagement.  In addition, the scope of the project is now more inclusive, to include other stakeholders.  There is now greater cohesion across different IS providers and sharing of good practice.  Learn Pro pilot established that the e-learning approach has enabled greater accessibility for staff, who can do some of the elements in their own time, or during breaks at work.  This benefits the service and service users with staff being trained, the staff keen to access knowledge, and the service in that there is less of an impact of staff training.

Contacts - to find out more

Maureen Allan, 01875 616666

Barbara Bostock, Allan Ross Nursing & Homecare,  Tel 01875 616666