Information and Advice – Service Directory

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

To produce a directory of all the organisations and service provision in North Ayrshire for Older People, split for Mainland and Arran so that all sectors have access to information and know how they can access the services and how to direct older people/carers to them.

What you did?

A mapping exercise in North Ayrshire was carried out by the Community Connectors (CCs) of services provided by organisations in all sectors that would be relevant to older people and their carers.

This information is now being collated and input into an Access data base which will be made available to service providers to use when directing and planning care for older people.

This information will also be made available for the CARENA website and to other organisations who  may wish to utilise it. It is not intended for the general public as the directory holds direct contact information for individuals, particularly those who are involved in running third sector organisations. Permission will be sought from all groups included in the directory for this information to be made available to practitioners through the information gathering template (appendix 1).

The feasibility to make the information available for Tablets is currently being explored, this would mean outreach workers will have the information available.

The exercise on Arran is nearing completion and data for 125 services will be available on the access database. For the database to be made available, all permissions must have been received in line with Data Protection.

The mainland data gathering was expected to be complete by 31st October 2013

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Service providers will be able to work effectively as partners when looking at the needs of older people and their carers focusing on outcome focused and personalised care involving all sectors to achieve this.


Contacts - to find out more

Jim Nichols,  01770 600611