Information for All

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

  • How to try and promote awareness and a greater understanding of the 3rd and independent sector to health and council staff.
  • Promoting the services that third sector and independent sector can and do already provide for older people and how they can prevent avoidable admissions and delayed discharges.  Also how to access the organisations and services their, referral systems, costs etc

What you did?

  • Information day at Cowal community hospital – Two fold. Where 3rd & independent had information stalls to network with each other and promote what they do and staff from hospital and council would visit and also find out whats available.
  • They were all given case studies of an instance where an older person needed some assistance in some way and by speaking to the exhibitors they had to complete the case study.
  • There was a small allocation of money to provide a lunch so staff could make better use of the time by having lunch at the same time.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

  • The exhibitors and the staff gained a great deal from the event, they all fed back that the case studies made them think and engage more. They learned from organisations that they had dealt with before some other services they provided that they were unaware of. They also learnt about some that they had not encountered before as well as how best to access and refer into in the future as well as waiting lists, costs etc.
  • There is planned to be a follow up event, and there have been enquires from other areas to replicate there as it went a big step in providing information in regards to third sector services and building community capacity.

Contacts - to find out more

Gwen Harrison,  01369 700100