Integrated AHP Service in Acute Medical Receiving Wards

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

In the view of ‘Care closer to home ’(Darzi) 2008, AHPs  play an integral role in deciding whether a patient is safe for discharge.  They are well positioned to deal with the wide range of pathologies and complexities presented.  Additionally, evidence relating to emergency admissions of older people suggests assessment should take place as early as possible depending on medical stability (RCPL – Management of the older medical patient, RCPL 2000).

What you did?

Following a project to test the role of an advanced AHP Practitioner in Medical receiving in the West of Glasgow, AHP Services were remodelled to introduce an integrated OT/PT service with more rapid patient assessment and directed rehabilitation.  The Service adopts a combined assessment approach, single point of service access and single shared paperwork to enhance MDT communication and support for the discharge plan

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Earlier AHP assessment/intervention on all sites has resulted in a reduction in referral to treatment times with 85% of referrals assessed within 24hrs Monday to Friday.

Creation of integrated OT/PT workforce has reduced duplication in the assessment process and expedited commencement of therapy interventions

Introduction of Band 4 Assistant Practitioners has successfully released time for registered staff to be involved in more complex cases and directing clinical decisions.

Contacts - to find out more

Ian Nicol  0141 201 3532 / 07896 929578