Integrated Performance Improvement and Management

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The purpose of the Quarterly Performance Service Reviews (QPSR) is to present key performance information and statistics for analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance which allows for discussion on how performance is being managed and how it can be improved.

What you did?

The introduction of the Quarterly Performance Service Reviews (QPSR) and our new Performance Data Repository.  This is a system/tool which captures all local and national data measures that we are required to report for statutory or non statutory purposes, for a range of business functions relating to Inverclyde Community Health & Care Partnership. The repository itself holds a vast range of information where each measure is mapped to a Wellbeing indicator which can be cross cutting.

This new reporting structure was established 18 months ago for each Head of Service covering their areas of responsibility.  Each of the QPSR reports are combined into one full report with an accompanying summary performance report which is provided to each Head of Service and the Director for scrutiny at their Management Meeting.  Through this process, exceptional performance is identified and selected measures are reported to Committee.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

A critical aspect of the QPSR process is also to update/review the progress of key actions and outcomes for each of service areas on their strategic priorities. Performance measures are aligned to the SHANARRI (Safe, Healthy, Achieving; Nurtured; Active; Respected; Responsible and Included) wellbeing indicators which provides a full picture of our performance, and measures progress and outcomes for individuals and communities.

Further details of the QPSR can be found here.

Contacts - to find out more

Derrick Pearce, Service Manager Planning, Performance and Development ICHCP

Kathleen Kennedy/ Andrea Connolly, Performance Improvement Leads ICHCP ;