Investing in the infrastructure- delivering an effective equipment service

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Investment in the implementation and ongoing development of a web-based IT system to support the effective provision of the Equipu Community equipment Partnership across 6 local authorities and NHSGGC.

What you did?

The Msoft IT system was purchased as a web-based bespoke system to provide 24 hour access to an on-line catalogue, ordering and delivery system which utilises and supports handheld technology. This system has been further developed by the Partnership to provide robust financial, management, and performance information, which evidences the benefits of the Partnership service for both service users and the Partners.

The initial investment for the system was in 2002 but there have been significant amendments and improvements over the last 5 years. This has been funded by our Partnership and not through the Change Fund.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

  • A faster more effective service for service users and their carers – the IT system supports the provision of a 24hour emergency service as well as standard delivery times, and monitors Store performance on achieving delivery time targets.
  • Better information on the Outcomes of equipment provision and the needs being met – the system now has mandatory boxes for recording the Care Groups and Reason for provision which allows the production of detailed reports which analyse trends across all the Partners and within individual service areas.
  • Supporting compliance with H&S testing legislation
  • Supporting effective use of recycled equipment (core stock and specialist items)
  • More effective management of budgets and assessment practice, and greater accountability by staff and managers at all levels – the system provides very detailed reports which evidence what individual staff, within all service areas, are ordering within 4 weekly periods.
  • Accurate performance information

Contacts - to find out more

Louise Watson, Lead OT for RAH & Vof L, NHSGG&C

Shona Millar, Equipu Senior Officer