Joint Equipment Store

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Investment to make improvements in the community equipment store to ensure systems are in place to provide outcome focused assessment and the provision of an effective equipment service – This is recognised as the responsibility of all care groups and services as a means of complementing other service provision, interventions and supporting overall service delivery e.g. facilitating hospital discharge.  The Joint Equipment Store was working at full capacity to accommodate the increasing numbers of equipment requests and increasing costs as we strived to support more people in their own homes.

What you did?

The Change Fund provides funding for an equipment cleaner, a technician and a vehicle.  The equipment cleaner cleans equipment and makes it fit for service, the technician is used to ensure that all equipment is serviced and maintained to the required standard and that faulty equipment is replaced promptly and the vehicle is used to collect and deliver equipment from community settings, a large amount of the use is accounted for by the management of community profile beds.

The target group was predominantly older people however equipment is provided for people who have physical disabilities or degenerative conditions.  The setting is the Joint Equipment Store building where all equipment is stored, maintained, cleaned and recycled and asset tracked.  Both Health and Social Care staff use the facility, including both Council and NHS OTs, Home Care Organisers, Social Workers, Community Nursing Staff and Specialist Nursing Staff such as Marie Curie nurses.  Equipment is ordered via a web based system GREAS.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The employment of an equipment cleaner at the store has enabled the development of a joint equipment store and not just an OT store.  Hospital beds for community clients were added to the stock which has allowed 73 patients to come home from hospital.  Recycling of equipment has improved response times for equipment requests.

Outcomes have been prevention of unnecessary hospital admission and speedy and appropriate hospital discharge.  We have noted an increase in delivery rates, a reduction in delivery times and an increase in equipment recycling.  Measures are drawn from HEAT Targets and data drawn from the GREAS system

Contacts - to find out more

Charles McKerron, 01343 567130