Marie Curie Health & Personal Care Assistants

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

To deliver an integrated approach to support patients and their carers sustain care in their own home for end of life care.

Figures produced by ISD show that those in the final year of life accounted for around 30% of all bed days.  While 50% of patients continue to die in hospital, Marie Curie can evidence that 98% of those cared for at home with Marie Curie input can be sustained at home.

P&K CHP currently deliver 3 Marie Curie shifts per week for each patient assessed to be in the last 12 weeks of life regardless of diagnosis.  Evidence from the last 2 years data shows that existing and predicted increasing demand for enhanced services is no longer sustainable.

What you did?

Working with Marie Curie, Perth & Kinross Partnership recruited 3 WTE Health and Personal Care Assistants to provide 12 hours per day 7 days per week support.  The Health & Personal Care Assistants commenced end February 2013.  These Assistants are based at Cornhill MacMillan Centre.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

An annual review of the service will commence in October 2013.  The projected outcomes are:

  • The service will support increased specialist care from a voluntary sector provider, augmenting existing health provision.
  • The service will support carers with psychological support and advice as well as deliver day respite.
  • The service will link with community nursing hours and specialist teams as part of a package of care.
  • The service will enable access to Marie Curie specialised palliative nursing care overnight for shorter periods
  • The service will kink with ACP for the patient
  • Care will be available during the OOH period
  • Care will be available in the home
  • Unpaid carers will be valued
  • Reduced rates of emergency admissions (readmissions)
  • Increased time spent in community in last 3 months of life.
  • Enhanced capacity of community and voluntary sector
  • Reduce delayed discharges

Contacts - to find out more

Sandra Gourlay, 01738 459533