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What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

This an Example of Practice illustrating how initiatives and ways of working in housing, housing support and homelessness services have significant positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those people being supported and contribute towards the nine national health and wellbeing outcomes for Integration.

This example focusses on the outcomes being achieved through the pathway created by its Direct Access and Resettlement Service in Glasgow and centres on James who had been evicted from his tenancy and stayed with a friend before moving into Aspire’s Direct Access Service.  He had a problem with budgeting and issues with addiction, consuming on average 10 pints of lager per day. James did not initially perceive his alcohol consumption as being an issue. However, over time he decided that it was something he would like to address.

What you did?

James moved into the resettlement service, which offers a high level of support, safety and security.  An outcomes-focussed approach and a monitoring tool, Better Futures, was used to focus discussion and review progress.  This led to a widening of areas that James asked for support in.  Initially there were three outcomes areas (security of accommodation, addictions and money matters) where crisis responses or high levels of support was identified.


What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Eighteen months on and outcomes were being achieved in twice as many categories including, significantly, life skills, and level of support required from Aspire was hugely diminished.  Measuring and graphically illustrating ‘distance travelled’ using Better Futures helped James to see his progress and he now feels ready to move on to his own accommodation.

The benefits to James of an outcomes-focussed approach within this Housing Support Service were evident in the improved control James now has over his addiction and confidence in his own abilities.

The correlation between the approach taken and the national outcomes for health and wellbeing can be identified.  The full Example of Practice provides information on this correlation and on health improvement as perceived by services users.  It also contains detail on the areas of support and time invested in support.  It is available here.


Contacts - to find out more

Aspire – David Carr, Support Coordinator           0141 339 6148

Better Futures – Heather McCluskey, Information Officer   0131 475 2676