Occupational Therapy integration

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Currently OT services in Perth and Kinross have been provided separately by the NHS and Local Authority.  The NHS provides a service to adults, primarily in hospital and clinical settings which focuses on the rehabilitation of patients.  It employs around 27 full-time equivalent staff.  Perth and Kinross Council’s Community OT service employs around 21 full-time equivalent staff within four locality based teams. It provides a community based service to adults and children which generally focuses on adapting the environment for clients.

The preferred model for integration in P and K is the creation of four locality based teams (linked to the emerging P and K Social Work structure), with and acute hospital based service remaining at Perth Royal Infirmary.   All community based OTs would provide a generic service and have access to hospital based specialisms as required.

What you did?

ODS consulting were appointed to undertake a review of the options for integrating NHS and Local Authority OT services in Perth and Kinross.   All relevant stakeholders were consulted and evidence from other areas who have attempted to integrate OT services looked at to identify any lessons learned.   As stated above, the preferred model has been identified.  An implementation action plan has also been drafted.  Currently in the process of appointing a project manager.  There have been a number of meetings with OT Team Leaders and Senior practitioners from Health and Local Authority to discuss integration in relation to mapping existing resources and try and identify generalities in current roles and areas of specialism.   Meetings are ongoing to identify and agree the principles of integration and the project governance structure has been identified.

It is planned to implement a pilot by January 2015.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

A number of outcomes have been identified including:

  • A person centred approach to support
  • Adopting a more preventative style of care
  • Providing a ‘seamless service’ by reducing duplication and making best use of resources available
  • Fostering a skilled, flexible workforce

Contacts - to find out more

Kenny Ogilvy, kogilvy@pkc.gov.uk  01738 476731