Partnership Innovation Fund

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The Partnership Innovation Fund partnership is committed to ensuring funds are allocated to projects which are innovative, or innovative for the local area (i.e. it may well be happening elsewhere but is new to this area). The PIF fund aims to ensure the Third Sector is able to maximise its contribution to this activity whilst delivering improved outcomes for older people. A key focus of the PIF is in building community capacity in our communities. Applications must demonstrate a degree of partnership working and that they have considered the long term sustainability of the project.

What you did?

Key milestones on the way to achieving our objective:

Raise awareness of the PIF fund across the Third Sector

Monthly interim monitoring procedures implemented

Quarterly monitoring procedures implemented

Procedures in place for completing End of Year Reports

Procedures in place for Year 2 funding applications

PIF panel members meet monthly to assess applications

Procedures in place to provide regular updates across sectors

Level/range of support to Orgs to maximise outcomes for older people

– On-going

– On-going

– On-going

– In place

– In place

– On-going

– On-going

– On-going

The PIF project manages the fund and the funding process through assessing applications, and reviewing projects. A Capacity Building Officer post is funded through the Change Fund with key focus to support organisations develop their initial idea, through the application process and then provide on-going support throughout the funding term. This post also acts as the monitoring officer collating the information and statistics from projects to present as progress reports to the PIF Panel.

The Funding Panel consists of Third Sector, Independent Sector and Public Sector representatives.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The Partnership Innovation Fund has empowered 10 local Third Sector organisations to plan, design and create innovative ways to engage with older people. The services provide low level interventions producing exceptional outcomes over a very short period of time. This is due to their co-production approach in involving their service users in the design and delivery of the services, therefore building capacity within the organisations. The projects directly benefit service users, carers, partner agencies and the wider community

The PIF projects offer a range of activities for the 55yrs+ age group including: Transport, Social Activities, Befriending, Information & Advice, Counselling and Health Promoting Activities.

The Partnership Innovation Fund is an outcome focussed grants programme aimed at helping organisations to benefit from developing new ways of working developing systems to capture the good work they do. This contributes to the self-development of staff and the organisation strengthening capacity.

The Partnership Innovation Fund has contributed to raising the credibility of the Third Sector within our Statutory and Independent sectors with the creation of many successful partnership relationships.

Contacts - to find out more

Diane Stewart, Capacity Building Officer: Services for Older people Tel: 01324 692007