Performance Dashboard

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The development of an electronic performance reporting dashboard which could be accessed by all relevant partners to support the reporting of progress across the partnership.

What you did?

The development of a system and process to help with the measurement of progress and impact with the Reshaping Care strategy soon became recognised as a priority for the South Partnership.  In conjunction with colleagues in the North Partnership, agreement was reached to develop a dashboard system of key measures, which had the ability to track progress overtime against the more significant key performance indicators.  Utilising software already being rolled out within NHS Lanarkshire, the partners have now developed phase 1 of the electronic dashboard.  This has brought about a number of benefits in supporting the performance agenda including 1) an interactive tool which allows data to be interrogated and analysed fro trends overtime 2) ease of access and the ability to now undertake formal quarterly reporting to the Business Planning Group 3) the ability to extend access to the dashboard beyond the organisation where it is hosted.

The main organisations involved Social Work and Health representatives from across both North and South Lanarkshire Partnerships.  A minimal amount of change fund monies have been used to support this, with a contribution from both North and South Partnerships.  This pooling of resources and expertise has enabled both partnerships to problem solve a common area of interest.  Phase 1 was officially implemented and the first report taken to the respective Partnership Business Planning/ Steering Groups in July, 2013.  The development phase to get to this was almost 12 months in the making due to the need to agree and define core sets of measures across both partnerships and also to test the dashboard electronic tool to ensure that it met the needs of the stakeholders.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Benefits to date include:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise across both North and South Partnerships
  • The ability to look at data across both partnership as a means of identifying good practice and reasons for differences
  • An electronic tool which is regularly updated with a suite of data has and should continue to make future reporting more streamlined

Ability to use this initial development to progress a full health and social care performance management system to support future work regarding health and social care integration

Contacts - to find out more

Martin Kane, 01698 453743