Pharmacy Hub/IC&ES Service

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Provide specialist clinical pharmacist resource within the community setting to enhance pharmaceutical care and reduce avoidable hospital admissions due to medicines, and support successful discharge.

What you did?

  • Develop a pharmacy service to the Hub and IC&ES (Intermediate Care and Enablement) team as well as support the LOT’s
  • Develop the role of the clinical pharmacist within the Hub and IC&ES team
  • Collect data on issues and interventions

Case Study

  • An 87 year old man referred to the IC&ES pharmacist due to falls. Medicines reconciliation was carried out to establish his current medication. A medication review was undertaken to establish if his medication could be contributing to his falls. It was noted he was on amlodipine 10mg daily and his daughter expressed her concern about his swollen ankles. The GP had recently prescribed furosemide 20mg for the swollen ankles with no improvement noted. Swollen ankles can be a known side effect of amlodipine, therefore the GP was contacted to establish a need to review the medication. The GP checked the patient’s blood pressure and stopped amlodipine as blood pressure was low. Two weeks later the patient’s swollen ankles had improved and his blood pressure was satisfactory.
  •  Quote from daughter “Very happy pharmacist got involved as my dad has now stopped medication he did not need to be on and was potentially causing side effects”.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

  • Improved provision of pharmaceutical care to intermediate care patients within Ayrshire and Arran
  • Promote multidisciplinary working between pharmacy and other healthcare professionals within the community setting
  • Improved communication and development of joint working with GP’s
  • Improved communication and development of joint working between health and social care
  • Improved recording of data collection on issues and interventions allowing more detailed and efficient analysis of information to direct future resources and workload patterns and thus maximise efficiency of service

Contacts - to find out more

Allan Wilson   01475 687501