Promoting Excellence in Dementia Training

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

The Programme is designed to enable delegates meet the outcomes identified in the Informed, Skilled, Enhanced and Expert Practice Levels, to develop knowledge and skills of staff in contact with people with dementia, this included:

  • A Framework for Health and Social Care staff working with people with dementia
  • Details the knowledge and skills staff should be working towards
  • Developed alongside The Standards of Care For Dementia in Scotland

What you did?

A partnership approach in recruiting three trainers from Health and Local Authority to deliver the Informed and Skilled practice level in dementia training to social care and Care Home staff was achieved. The training includes:

Dementia informed – must be attained by all staff who come into contact with anyone who has dementia.  This would include porters, medical records staff, and reception staff. This is a two hour session.

Dementia Skilled – this must be attained by all staff who have substantial contact with people who have dementia and/or their families.  This would include all clinical staff, from A & E, through elderly medicine, surgical areas, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation and enablement services.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The three Dementia Trainers deliver Promoting Excellence at Informed and Skilled Practice Level in Dementia.

Informed Level

The total number of staff who have attended the Informed Practice Level is East – 114; Aross the “3 Ayrshire’s”  – Scottish Fire Service 133

The delegates who attended are from Home Care, Care Homes, Local Authority and NHS.  The Scottish Fire Service received a hybrid model of the Informed Practice Level Training.

Skilled Level

The total number of staff who have attended the Skilled Practice Level is East – 421

  • Increased understanding of stress and distress in dementia
  • Increase in confidence by staff
  • Positive response to training
  • Evidence of excellent collaborative working.

The trainers are funded until 31st March 2014.


Contacts - to find out more

Isabel Marr  01563 826377