What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Older people becoming dependent on Care at Home services and losing their independence after a change in circumstances, e.g. hospital admission or period of illness.

What you did?

Through the Change Fund a new way of providing Care at Home was delivered.  This ‘Reablement’ approach was different in that it focused on doing ‘with’ clients not ‘for’. It aims to maximise independence and well-being of clients as well as reducing the need for ongoing support.

Reablement takes a personal outcomes approach by providing an individualised service based on a client’s assessed needs.

The Reablement team consists of the Care at Home Organiser, an Occupational Therapist, and Home Carers working with individuals and their carers in their own homes to maintain (or recover) independence by a structured programme of assessment and goal setting to achieve this.

The Joint Improvement Team provided support in terms of developing re-ablement through the Re-shaping Care for Older People programme. Investment from the Change Fund has facilitated the implementation of re-ablement within West Dunbartonshire CHCP in terms of additional staffing and training.  The person centred focus on goal setting and outcomes has been reliant on integrated working with partners in health, and the active involvement of pharmacy technicians has been highly valued.  The early implementation of telecare, where appropriate, has assisted the re-ablement process, and there is greater awareness of the equipment available, and the benefits in relation to maximising independence for clients.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

After 1 year of the service we were able to demonstrate that a Reablement approach delivered an improvement in personal outcomes e.g.

    • Improved abilities with personal care, mobility, medication and domestic routines
    • Improved ability for self care (personal care and health care)
    • Improved self esteem and well being
    • Reduced carer stress
    • After 1 year of the project approximately one third of the recipients needed no further intervention, one third needed less and one third needed the same or more.

Reablement W Dunbartonshire


Contacts - to find out more

Lynne McKnight, 0141 951 6166