Reducing Emergency Admissions to Hospital

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

We knew that more older people were being admitted to hospital as an emergency than was desirable and we wanted to identify how we could avoid these crises in people’s lives occuring.

What you did?

Multi disciplinary group established in each area to meet on weekly basis to review each person who has been admitted to hospital as emergency in preceding 7 days.  With engagement of hospital and community nurses, social work and AHP staff (as well as consultant/GPs) and local managers, the group use a set of prepared questions to interrogate the reasons for admission and to identify what work could have been done a) further upstream to prevent the crisis and b) at time of crisis to prevent admission.

  • Established weekly scrutiny meetings in each hospital
  • Prepared and adapted question set for use in each area
  • Collated the findings to inform local and area wide planning
  • Fortnightly telephone conference calls set up for the leads in each hospital

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

  • Reduction in number of emergency hospital admissions across 5 sites
  • Improved, more joined up approach across care pathways
  • Better understanding by professionals in all settings of services available in local areas
  • Identification of gaps and local solutions
  • Implementation of Virtual Ward to support management of those at higher risk of hospital readmission
  • We need to aggregate the information from each hospital to identify further areas for development

Contacts - to find out more

Pat Tyrrell   01546 605645