Rehabilitation Workers

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Providing a proactive and reactive rehabilitation service across the geography of Perth & Kinross area.

What you did?

Community rehabilitation teams in Perth and Kinross were established but recognised the increased workload that was heading their way as more people were being supported in their own homes. These teams had a wealth of experience but not always capacity to be able to respond in an immediate way to support older people as they stayed at home or had a transition within the Healthcare system.

It was agreed to look at a different role based in these teams to help them provide a variety of functions to meet the shifting the balance of care agenda.

To be more person centred it was agreed to look at developing a joint rehabilitation worker that supported the NHS Occupational and Physiotherapy professionals in the community. This role could work closely with patients in their homes and community hospitals. The were based in existing teams to build capacity to allow appropriate skill mix to provide the various functions of rehabilitation in the community.

Recruitment of 3 ‘rehabilitation assistants’ to cover the 3 localities.  These assistants were trained in both physiotherapy and occupational therapy skills using an existing competency framework.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

  • Person centred approach to rehabilitation with single person able to provide a more holistic intervention.
  • Preventative model of care.
  • Improved response times to allow transfer of patients into the community.
  • Has brought OT and PT workers together more with shared worker that benefits the patient
  • Improved understanding of roles.

The Change Fund Board has now invested in additional community rehabilitation assistants.

Contacts - to find out more

Jane Dernie,   01738 473100