Shetland’s Community Health & Care Partnership Agreement

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Joint commissioning strategy for Older People in context of Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP).

What you did?

We approached the need to develop a joint commissioning strategy for Older People as required in the RCOP through the work of our Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP), building on local agreements already in place.  This put Older People’s plans in the context of our plans for all adults, using planning frameworks and exercises that had been undertaken in consultation with key stakeholders across the community.

We aim to make sure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding and confidence in the plans and arrangements in place, and are supported in their role as equal partners in the process.

We used the existing strategic planning and management arrangements in place through the CHCP to build on plans for Older People’s services that had been developed through a long term care review and dementia redesign project.

We used the existing format of our CHCP Agreement and developed this as the Joint Commissioning Strategy for Community Health and Social Care services for all adults.  (

The Agreement has separate chapters for each main service area e.g. Older People, dementia, learning disabilities and sections setting out joint arrangements for governance, resourcing, management and risk.  A procurement strategy is an integral part of the Agreement and covers the approach and key procurement plans arising from the commissioning strategy and plans.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The Agreement is the formal agreement between the Council and NHS Shetland which underpins all joint working arrangements.  It includes details of the single management structure in place as well as governance arrangements and service plans.  It is recognised as Shetland’s Joint Commissioning Strategy and is the principal reference document for all joint business.  The different sections of the Agreement are designed to stand alone so that they can be used with different audiences to share information and plans.

The Agreement is currently being updated and will include our Integration Plan.  It needs to be renamed so that it is clear that it is the joint commissioning strategy and integration plan.  This will be done during the current update.

Contacts - to find out more

Christine Ferguson, Director of Corporate Services, Shetland Islands Council  telephone: 01595 743819