STRIVE Intergenerational Befriending

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Supporting people with dementia

What you did?

62 older people were involved in group activities from 56 sessions run across 4 care homes including:

  • Sports sessions – 7 sessions
  • Singing and dancing (cardiovascular activity) – 7 sessions
  • Cooking and crafts (hand and arm strength and dexterity) – 19 sessions
  • Quizzes and games – 13 sessions
  • Conversation and reminiscence – 8 sessions

An average of 36 older people participating during each week with 29 active young volunteers.  9 new young people trained as volunteers, supported by 4 active adult supervisors.  2 new adults trained as supervisors with a total of 251 hours of befriending provided.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

10 of 15 residents surveyed said that they had more fun than usual as a result of the sessions.  When asked how the sessions had affected them, residents said:  ‘You get a good laugh!’, ‘I enjoy it, I look forward to it.’, ‘It’s brilliant! I’m delighted to have volunteers in. They bring different things in.’ Staff have reported that ‘Interestingly, some residents who wouldn’t normally join in activities have attended and participated in a variety of activities.  Feedback from one of the schools was very positive: ‘Both the volunteering and the opportunity to present their work, has been a fantastic experience for these girls and has really boosted their self-esteem.’

In addition, three young people, represented the project through a 10 minute presentation when it won the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland Principles into Practice Award 2013 for  ‘Care & Support of People with Dementia’.  A short video describing STRIVE can be viewed at:

Contacts - to find out more

Myra Waugh,  0131 665 3300

Additional contact for further information:

Linda McNeill, Depute Chief Executive, Volunteer Development East Lothian,

Tel 0131 665 3300, Email