Supporting Carers

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

We were trying to prevent crisis in caring, in recognition that often older people require institutional care, as carers are no longer able to cope.

What you did?

Older Carer Development Workers have been recruited to build capacity within carer services to provide increased support to older carers, and carers of older people.  This has been done in partnership with primary and acute services, and the voluntary sector.

All carers have undergone outcomes focussed assessments and have had access to a range of services including income maximisation, training to support the caring role, short breaks, and emotional support. All carers were also offered health checks in recognition that carers often neglect their own health and well being.

The key organisations involved in the partnership were SW, NHS and voluntary sector carer centres and condition specific organisations.  The Change Fund posts complemented and built on existing carer resources provided through SW and NHS Carer Information Strategy Funding, and allowed a clear carer pathway for older carers to be developed.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

Through this project, 232 carers were assessed, 2400 hours of short breaks were provided and 14 carers received personalised moving and handling training (as at October 2013), The key outcome reported by carers was ‘feeling better supported to continue in their caring role’.  Carers highlighted the importance of the provision of short breaks and respite. For the organisations involved, there was increased partnership working and better use of available resources, building on core funding with the Change Fund.

Contacts - to find out more

Ann Cummings,  0141-211-0650