What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Discussion with interested persons from several Care Homes in East Ayrshire to establish Trials in Respective Care Homes.

Link made with link person in East Ayrshire who advised on established suppliers of appropriate equipment to residential homes in the area

What you did?

Through Change Fund East Ayrshire are supporting this programme and assigned £24000 to purchase equipment for the Care Homes in their locality.

Meetings with suppliers of equipment took place and link with one established.

Supplier attended information day with Managers and Trials agreed with respective homes.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The trials are continuing and to date the experiences have been positive.

Managers involved in the Trial have stated that the equipment is easy to use and allows staff to respond quickly to alarms thus, assisting in prevention of falls for Residents.

Further to the trials information as to how to source the equipment will be made available to all Care Homes in the Locality.

Contacts - to find out more

Patricia Chalmers,  07956 493351