Working with the Independent Sector

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

Inverclyde CHCP recognised that we had to develop our partnership working with the Care Home Sector in order that they could deliver care in line with the emerging RCOP agenda, supporting change initiatives in areas such as; Anticipatory Care Planning, Dementia Care and End of Life Care.

What you did?

We have funded a Development Officer to support our engagement with the Independent Sector; having them participate in the development of all RCOP Policy Development and decision-making processes.

One such activity was the promotion of the; ‘My Home Life Inverclyde’ Leadership and Community Development Programme

The Change Fund was used to support the Development Officer promote the programme across all of Inverclyde’s Care Homes and when sufficient interest was noted a formal bid for funding of the programme was submitted to the RCOP Executive Group for consideration. At this stage in the consultation Extra Care Housing Managers were also invited to participate in the My Home Life programme and they will be involved.

What were the outcomes - benefits or otherwise?

The programme launched in September 2013 with representation from all four partners. The design of the Launch Programme is such that it reflects Inverclyde CHCP’s desire for all four partners to be fully involved in the development of how we reshape care in Inverclyde.

In funding My Home Life we aim to:

  1. Promote the Leadership Skills of those managing Care of older people within Inverclyde and
  2. Support older people living in institutional settings to become more integrated into their local community
  3. Create a direct link from those providing care to the Change Fund Executive Group and thus promote healthy lines of communication.

Those participating in the programme will be supported to write up a report in order to review its impact and the programme will run until Nov 2014.

Contacts - to find out more

Brian Polding-Clyde, 07780007914