Award winning person-centred programme: Fit for Life

The Fit for Life programme was designed to help bridge the gap between NHS mental health services and main-stream community exercise groups with the aim of: increasing physical activity levels, reducing risk of falls and maintaining/improving mental health and well-being for older people with mental health conditions. The programme has evolved in the last four years to encompass the principles of recovery orientated practice whereby individuals are able to actively build a meaningful life while continuing to experience mental health problems or following a period of poor mental health.

Fit for Life won the category for Person centred/recovery approaches to long-term care and support at the Mental Welfare Commission Mental Health and Learning Disability Awards. This video clip provides a great insight into a Fit for Life group and what it has meant for the people who have taken part, many of whom have dementia.

More information on Fit for Life can be found here or by contacting:

Jackie Hodge, Physiotherapist, Community Mental Health Team, Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Tel: (0131) 537 6606 / Email: