Enhancing the Indicator of Relative Need for an integrated system

The enhanced community information tool ‘IoRN2’ [the Indicator of Relative Need] continues to be tested in real-time by a number of teams, whose common purpose is rehabilitation and reablement. The tests are confirming that for the 5 or 6 minutes it takes a well-informed professional to complete the IoRN, the good data it provides are potentially invaluable. Work on reporting on the first wave of piloting is underway, as is independent research at Dundee University involving Dundee and Fife. And as a tool for both health and social care (not to mention voluntary and independent sector workers too) this could be the tool that will come to represent many aspects of integrated working. With versions also available for care home and hospital, the IoRN is catching attention once again.

Further details are available from the JIT’s Peter Knight