Participation Week Report

Participation Week was a series of events run by the Scottish Government from June 8 to 12.

It was a chance for all of us involved in public services across sectors to learn together about how we involve people more in the development and delivery of policies and services and think about the impact that can make. The week-long programme aimed to provide space to think about how we put people at the centre of our work, why this matters and explore what we really mean by ‘participation’.

It’s been 5 weeks since Participation Week – and a paper which brings together the learning and ideas for next steps in our shared journey has now been produced. Some of the work is already underway, some of them need to be started and some of the actions are about joining-up thinking, learning and activity which is already going on. All of it is about working collaboratively to deliver the change we want to see and move us forward in how we make co-produced public services the norm rather than the exception. Read the paper here

There is also have a great resource to share with you – this podcast features an interview with the three keynote speakers at the Participation Week launch event