Using 3rd sector evidence in commissioning

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 places a statutory responsibility upon Integration Authorities, Health Boards and Local Authorities to actively involve the third sector in the planning and design of integrated health and social care services. It is vital that the full extent of the third sector’s knowledge, information and expertise, is brought to bear upon strategic commissioning and locality planning in order to achieve the outcomes of health and social care integration. This will require all parties to work with trust and mutual respect.

To support this aim, the Joint Improvement Team and Scottish Government have commissioned Evaluation Support Scotland to work with Partnerships to enable the use of third sector evidence in the strategic planning and commissioning process. This programme of work: ‘Threading the Needle’ will build on ‘A Stitch in Time’, which supported the third sector in Lothian to explain, measure and prove how the third sector (i) prevents avoidable future use of health and social care services; and (ii) how it optimises older people’s independence and well-being. A Stitch in Time operated across the four Lothian partnerships and we now seek to embed and spread this learning across the country.

Expressions of Interest are now sought from Health and Social Care Partnerships to participate in this one-year programme of development support and capacity building. Further information on the support available and commitment required can be found here.

The deadline for submissions is 17 August 2015.


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