Assessment of the Critical Success Factors for Mainstream Adoption of Technology-Enabled Care in Scotland

Download now: TEC CSF Workshop – Final Report – July 2015.

Within the TEC Programme, the 18 Critical Success Factors for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice, along with its Self-Readiness Assessment toolkit, have already been adapted into a Readiness Assessment (Version 1) to support the implementation of TEC within local partnerships.  This ‘Scottish version’ (adapted from the European MOMENTUM project – was also influenced by work previously carried out by the JIT on the Readiness for Integration self-assessment.

Local partnerships have been, and are, encouraged to use this adapted tool to support their work on delivering technology-enabled care at scale within local settings.  We were keen to establish what our state of readiness is – and how the 18 critical success factors applied – at a national level in Scotland.

To this end, we engaged with EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association –, who coordinated the MOMENTUM project, to conduct a “health check”/gap analysis based around application of the 18 critical success factors, identify any gaps in terms of our capabilities and readiness and to gain a better understanding of how we are positioned in Scotland nationally.  It also provided an opportunity to examine the applicability of the critical success factors across health and social care and inform work with European partners.

The work was carried out over March and April 2015, through an online survey and with a follow-up workshop.  The final report from that process is now available:

TEC CSF Workshop – Final Report – July 2015

We are in the process of developing an action plan as a result of the findings/recommendations contained within the report.