Briefing Notes for Practitioners and Managers (2009)

Briefing Notes for Partnerships are a series of guides aimed at helping members of health, housing and social care partnerships understand and apply the evidence of best practice in partnership and as a tool for development.

Based on extensive examination of the literature, it provides short and practical guides, with review questions for each chapter to help in applying the main messages to individual partnerships.

Each chapter can be used as a stand alone resource as suits local partnerships. In particular, Chapter 5 – Characteristics of Successful Partnerships and the checklist derived from it, can be used as an aid in developing partnerships.

You can access the full introduction and how to use these guidance notes here.

Introduction to Partnership Briefing [63Kb]

Each paper contains brief references to source materials and there is a full bibliography at Chapter 7.

Chapter 1 [102Kb]

Why work in Partnership? identifies and categorises the outcomes and benefits attributed to partnership working and weighs up the evidence for partnership.

Chapter 2 [94Kb]

What is Partnership? establishes a definition for partnership and illustrates the different levels at which integration occurs.

Chapter 3 [74Kb]

The Scottish Context for Partnership highlights the development of partnership policy in Scotland.

Chapter 4 [182Kb]

Barriers to Partnership identifies the common barriers and the potential unintended consequences of partnership.

Chapter 5 [201Kb]

The Characteristics of Successful Partnerships charts the common lessons learnt by, and factors for, successful partnerships. A checklist is provided to help partnerships identify which characteristics of successful partnerships they have and where further development is needed. In a facilitated session, these can form the basis for action planning and development.

Chapter 5 Appendix A [79Kb]


Chapter 6 [119Kb]

Partnership Assessment and Development Toolkits. This guide helps to describe the content of some key tools and assist with the selection of the right tool for individual partnerships’ needs.

Chapter 7 [134Kb]