Edinburgh – Live Well in Later Life interactive map

An interactive map which shows older people’s services and activities in Edinburgh has been launched.

The project is a collaboration between EVOC and City of Edinburgh Council.  It is part of the European URBACT Healthy Ageing Project which looks at innovative approaches to healthy ageing.

It uses Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to create ‘heat maps’ which show a variety of information including where older people live in the city, along with age profiles and health information.  This information comes from publically available census data which is aggregated so that individuals cannot be identified.

The maps also show where key services for older people, such as GP practices, are located as well as a range of groups and activities that help older people to live active, happy lives.

This is the first time a project of this type has been carried out in the Edinburgh area.  There is a wealth of information contained in the map and it is very easy to use.  Older people, or people who care for them, will be able to see the variety of services and groups available across the city.

The information can also be used to help service providers see where new groups and services may be needed.


You can have a look at the map by going to http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/info/20076/adults_and_older_people/1298/live_well_in_later_life_interactive_map. Further information about the data used and a user guide are also available from the site.


If you would like an individual or group interactive demonstration of the map, please contact Isabel.Cayon@edinburgh.gov.uk.