Older People’s Outcomes Framework

Optimising Older People’s Quality of Life

NHS Health Scotland has developed an Outcomes Framework for Older People, working with the Scottish Government’s Reshaping Care policy team, Analytical Services, the Joint Improvement Team and local partnerships.

The work is closely linked to the ‘Stitch in Time’ project led by Evaluation Support Scotland on the third sector contribution to Reshaping Care for Older People. The aim of the Outcomes Framework is to:

  • develop a ‘big picture map’ of the main pathways to achieving the high level outcomes identified for older people
  • bring together and summarise the existing relevant evidence and indicators for older people
  • strengthen existing mechanisms for planning and evaluating services, whether through joint commissioning or community planning
  • understand the contribution of partnership activities to delivering outcomes.

You can download written reports of the framework’s two main components, the strategic outcomes model and nested models.

You can also download diagrams of the nested models on age-friendly homes, eating well, falls prevention, end-of-life, and strategic outcomes model for optimising quality of life.